Aduasis Operations

Product developed by Aduasis Logistics in order to support foreign trade and logistics processes through better integration and interaction of the company in the service chain.

It aims to support the customs broker market to raise the level and quality of its services so that it can face an environment of constant change, with a high technological and professional level.



  • Elimintaion of redundant processes
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Eliminating operating errors
  • Decreased processing time
  • Less dependence on human factor
  • Integrated processes

ADUASIS Operative

  • Warehouse integration modules, Traffic, Shipments, Pedimentos, COVE, eDocument, DODA and eDespacho
  • Consolidation and Subdividing Billing Control on a product level
  • Ticket inventory (inbound and outgoing goods from warehouse)
  • Restriction integration and tariff requirements
  • Personalized electronic file
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Multi-customs and multi-patent concentrating information in one or more database
  • Integration of business rules, alerts and locks for operation control
  • EDI invoices integration
  • Intelligent classification
  • Aduasis Content Rate
  • Process event log


  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-port
  • Multi-Custom
  • Multi-patent
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Process integration and business rules in the system
  • Centralized control and / or distributed
  • Control of roles and responsibilities
  • Integration with operation


- Inventory control of products and packages
- Inventory control of products received, documented, operated and to operate
- Control delay
- Definition of storage sections
- Labeling of packages input
- "Command" shares cellar
- Registration hazardous materials
- History movement of packages
- Status of the inputs to the winery and traceability
- Sending notifications of goods received
- Control of operating instructions for customer merchandise
- Invoice control
- Invoice Subdivision Control
- Invoices EDI
- Quote Control
- Control of direct shipments, subdivisions, consolidations of goods and their combinations
- Information Management legends and pediment annex
- Traffic shares "Command"
- Traffic Traceability
- Traffic control for each situation
- Classification by product, input or traffic
- Control permission by products
- Control of payment method based on ad valorem
- control restrictions and product identifiers
- Control tariff requirements
- Intelligent Classification of Product and Traffic
- Eight Rule
- Tariff Alerts
■ Vulnerable Fractions
■ Economy Alerts
■ Trademark
■ National Importers Registry
■ Restricting hours
■ Policies
■ Compensation fees
■ Permits
■ IVA Annex 27
- Control of shipping instructions (transport companies, driver, type of services, etc.)
- Control of shipping destinations and "dairy" deals
- Quick designation of good to be loaded, customs crossing, transport line, patent, etc
- "Command" shipping shares
- Vehicle and seals registration
- Seals Control on a patent basis
- Electronic Notification
- Order report, load ratio per product and bulk
- Integration and control of electronic payments to administration.
- Multi-custom system, multipatent
- Pedimentos and consolidated consignments
- Part II - Partial shipments
- Complementary Pedimentos
- Transfer and electronic notices
- Simple Copy
- National Compliance with "M3" requirements
- Pedimentos, Sagarpa, and Cupo Letters compliance
- Control authorization of pedimentos payments
- Vulnerable Freaction Control
- Payment limit control per customer and Regimen
- PECA Account Control
- RFC service control
- Control of inbod pedimentos
- Consolidation of trade options
- Integration with other modules so only 4 or 5 da additional entires
- Pedimentos becomes an area of supervision of work done in other departments
- List of documents
- Demonstration of provider value
- Spreadsheets
- Automatic notification upon receiving electronic payment
- Automatic update through web Services (INPC, currency, surcharges, exchange rate, fiscal stimulus)
- Direct connection with VUCEM
- COVES by Invoice
- COVES by Reference
- COVES by Remittance
- Addendum
- Aduasis Integration to VUCEM
- Reports
- XML Backup
- Direct connection with VUCEM
- eDocument control by document
- eDocument control by reference
- Integration of eDocuments to the Pedimentos identifiers
- eDocuments control for its reuse
- Reports
- PDF file backup
- Direct connection with VUCEM.
- 7 Web Services are used.
- Direct connection with SAT.
- Integration of information from Pedimento, Remittance or Part II for DODA.
- Reports.
- Regeneration and storage of official documents.

Technologic Architecture

ADUASIS implementation is performed using current two-layer technology

  • GUI interface for user
  • Programming Language: Power Script
  • Remote Application Server Operation, Terminal Server and VPN
  • Supports multiple databases (SQL Server)
  • Support centralized and distributed environments through local and wide area networks, and / or automatic data replication between remote data centers.
  • Designed for high-volume data processing

Business Rules

  • Adapt existing calculation formulas or add new

Technologic platforms are used to implement the most current trends in foreign trade market

  • Application server and centralized data, regional and/or local office
  • Digital exchange of data like EDI
  • Radio frequency terminals

User Interface Customization

  • Adapt or add user screens and reports while keeping business rules
  • Add data and indicators