Aduasis Billing

System which allows customs agencies issuing invoices to complying with the requirements of CFDI 3.3 in accordance with Annex 20.


  • Fee management per client or client group or group of tabs per customer
  • Integration with the operating area (pending billing operations)
  • Integration of the "Comanda" generated in the operation. Configuration per requirement
  • Integration with the treasury area / banks for automatic integration of your remittance and / or payments made by the customer
  • Intelligent ring for the separation of shipment and related services


  • The billing process becomes a process of reviewing tariffs negotiated with the customer, since the system "adapts" to the operation
  • Multi-patent
  • Managing concepts billing streamlines the coding process operation and diminishes errors.
  • Reduces time on redundant processes, such as application of tariffs, sending XML and PDF files by mail and digitization of documents
  • Eliminating reduce errors by up to a 95%