Information system developed by Aduasis Logistics in order to increase competitiveness and productivity of companies that use / storage services and inventories in foreign trade and logistics market.



  • Service levels
  • The accuracy of inventory control
  • Real-time synchronization with each supply store
  • Most efficient use of space
  • Efficient use of equipment
  • Efficient use of labor
  • Having adequate access to goods
  • Protecting the goods


  • Unnecessary movements of products
  • Costs
  • Mistakes
  • Paper Usage

Business Process


  • Bulk Inventory Control
  • Definition of storage sections
  • Inbound package labeling
  • Registration of hazardous materials
  • Package movement history
  • Status of entries cellar and traceability
  • Map location control
  • Reception:
    • Guide and package control
    • Online inventory allocation
  • Confronta registration
  • Labeling of packages using barcodes
  • Package Management Control
    • Consolidation
    • De-Consolidation
    • Re-Labeling
  • Allocation of merchandise by type of good
  • Inventory control:
    • Cycle counts and physical packages and products
    • Inventory difference adjustment and control
  • Outbound Control
    • Quick designation of goods loaded
    • Manifesto output

Location Map

  • Zone Management
  • Multiple locations for a class of merchandise, with inventory location
  • Managing location by weight and number of packages

Reception - Inventory

  • Online inventory allocation
  • Assigning multiple locations - Inventory Locations
  • Guide and package control
  • Labeling of packages using barcodes
  • Physical confronta vs arrival document


  • Collection order (Picking List)
  • Generation based on the collection order (Shipping List)
  • Online inventory modifying
  • Control shipment scenarios
  • Package movement history