Information system developed by Aduasis Logistics in order to Increase competitiveness and productivity of businesses that use/sell loading and unloading services, “Cross-dock”, as well as managing courtyards in the foreign trade and/or logistics market.



  • Service levels
  • Accuracy of inventory control in transport units and packagesf
  • Real-time synchronization with each supplier
  • The most efficient use of storage space units, loading and unloading
  • Efficient use of labor
  • Protecting merchandise


  • Unnecessary movement
  • Costs
  • Mistakes
  • Paper Usage


• Inventory unit control
• Defining of storage sections
• Labeling of inbound units and packages
• Package movement history
• Entrance status to yard and traceability
• Map location control
• Reception
- Unit control, driver, etc.
- Allocation of online inventory
• Confronta registration
• Labeling of units and packages using bar codes
• Outbound control
- Quick designation of goods to be loaded
- Picking letters
- Output manifestos
• Zone Management
• Multiple locations for a single class of merchandise, with inventory location
• Manage number of units
• In warehouse
- in stock if vehicle association
• Allocated to receive
- Vehicle empty, linked to a shipment
• Loading
- currently operating vehicle for loading
• Loaded
- Vehicle currently charging on standby for outbound
• Outside store