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Aduasis was born in April 1987, under the name SIS Organization, to answer the entrepreneurial concerns of a group of professionals in information technology.

In 1989 the firm decided to focus on foreign trade, starting operations in Nuevo Laredo as SIS, and later in 1990 in Laredo Texas.

In the year 2000, the firm evolves into SIS Logistics, with clear market trends in foreign trade, the firm reacts to the needs of the logistics market as well as foreign trade market, natural markets on the US-Mexico trade.

In the year 2015, through evolution of business and the clear identification of our customers, the a new image and logo is developed under the name Aduasis, as a brand leader in foreign trade and logistics in the Mexican-American market.

Logo Aduasis


We are a business run and operated by local talent. This allows us to provide our service and support immediately.
Cost / Benefit / Risk
We focus on improving the performance of our customers through the implementation of business solutions enabled by information technology.
Over 30 years providing quality service to our customers.
All our products and services are fully developed and designed by us; therefore, we assure the best support and service.



Improve the business performance of our customers through technology solutions with the best cost / benefit / risk ratio. Increase the assets of our investors through a growth of the members who work at our firm.


Build a diverse community made up of high performance individuals who have developed principle-centered leadership and through their professional, social, and family network, generate and distribute wealth; contributing proactively to reverse the trend of deteriorating economic, social, political and ecological systems, starting with this effort a virtuous circle, and holding a continuous improvement process that lasts over time for the benefit of this and generations to come.


In order to perform at the highest level, we believe the following values are necessary:

  • Vocation of Service
  • Quality
  • Discipline for Execution
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Wholesome honesty